Use the buttons below to purchase Stat Manager using our secure payment processor. Once you purchase Stat Manager, we will email your license key to unlock the software on your computer. This means you will be able to use the full features of Stat Manager within 10 minutes of your purchase.

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What is a Backup CD?

When you complete your purchase of Stat Manager, your license key and instructions for downloading and installing Stat Manager will be sent to you via email. Your license key will be always be available for you to use to activate Stat Manager. If you would like to receive a physical CD of Stat Manager with your license key, choose the backup CD option. We will then mail you a CD with your license key for your archival purposes. You will still be able to immediately download and activate Stat Manager online.

What if I lose my license key?

We will send your license key after your purchase of Stat Manager. If you should lose your license key, let us know and we can help you retrieve it.