Stat Manager offers the following features:

  • Save time calculating, organizing and sorting statistics. You'll only have to enter information once
  • Improve your team! Use instant stats to analyze your team's performance. Find out what drills to work on in practice.
  • Manage your schedule. Enter your practices and games to manage your team's schedule.
  • Use for both baseball and softball
  • Manage an unlimited number of teams over multiple seasons
  • Track 65 different hitting, pitching and fielding statistics for each player
  • Easily keep organizational information for each player and coach on your team. Stat Manager will also keep information on all field locations, opponents and event types of seasons
  • Allows you to easily create mailing or e-mail lists
  • Easily filter statistics by opponent, date, field location or season type.
  • Reporting feature allows you to print out teams stats and information for handouts. You can also export reports to Excel or create PDF files.

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